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We are the leading transit media company in Kenya. With access to over 100 buses in all three of Kenya's major cities, we guarantee our clients exposure of over 10 million Kenyans working and residing in these regions and their environs.

Our Speciality

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Builds and boosts recognition of products & services.
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This bus Media reaches not only the 3.2 million people residing in Nairobi but a total day population of 5 to 6 Million who come into the city to work.
Transit Media Advertising
Tuk Tuk Media reaches up to 1,000,000 people daily who traverse various routes in MAJOR URBAN CENTRES such as Nairobi CBD and its environs; Mombasa and its environs, particularly in downtown areas of the different cities
A minimum 800 people per day, per Bus.(A bus makes a minimum 17 trips per Day each carrying 51 Passengers)

What people have said regarding our media

“…we help you solidify your stake in the market”
“…Buses are mobile billboards”
“…they are repetitive and easily influence the call to action ”